Notes on Product Care

Notes on Product Care

Raw By Design take every effort to ensure each of our products are of high quality. Due to the art of hand making and the fact that many materials we use were once a living product, each piece we create is unique, an inherent quality we feel should be celebrated. Scott and Daina take every effort to ensure each of our products are of high quality. Although they may not be uniform in size, shape, texture and colour, they are unified in quality and concept. We hope you enjoy and love your products. To help you love them, here are some notes on product care and warnings.


Timber Products:

Due to the nature of many of our timber products being left in a raw or close to raw state, there is the possibility of splinters. Please take care when handling products and where necessary, wear gloves.

Please also note that products that are refinished may still carry the risk of splinters.

Natural hardwoods leach tannins. Please note that if water comes into contact with these products, there is the possibility that stains will be left behind, either on the product itself or on the surface on which it is placed.

Chopping boards and serving platters have been coated using organic extra virgin olive oil. It is recommended that these be recoated every 3 months or as soon as the surface appears to be drying out. To recoat, simply wipe olive oil over the surface and allow to soak in.

When cleaning, avoid soaking in water. Instead, use a moist sponge to wipe clean. Avoid oily food products as they tend to stain the timber.


To care for your wood wick candle, we recommend that on at least your first burn, you allow the melt pool to extend to the edge of your jar before extinguishing. Doing so will encourage an even burn in the future.

Every effort is made to ensure consistency between our soy wax candles, however, being a handmade product, each of our candles are unique. Due to the nature of soy wax, it is best to keep your candle away from direct sunlight and excess temperatures.

Each of our candles are labelled with warning stickers. Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Always keep out of reach of children.