About Us

About Us –

Raw By Design is a new venture for husband and wife team, Scott and Daina. With Scott’s background in carpentry and building and Daina’s in architecture, we have forged ideas around making beautiful and functional products that resonate with ideas of sustainability and the ongoing lives of materials on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

The philosophy of Raw By Design is centred around using natural and recycled materials where possible and giving them new life. We also focus on materials that are true to their essence. We celebrate the strengths of each material we use and ensure that nothing is pretending to be something it is not. There is incredible beauty in the simplicity and imperfections of raw materials and we love to see how they change and improve (usually!) over time.

Many of the materials we use were destined to be building waste and have been salvaged from Scott’s building sites.  Our recycled materials have a history, some having been rafters, joists, stairs, flooring and framework from Sydney homes. We believe it is important to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, so what better way than to create a new life and story for these materials.

Due to the art of hand making and that many materials we use once were a living product, each piece we create is unique, an inherent quality we feel should be celebrated. Scott and Daina take every effort to ensure each of our products are of high quality. Although they may not be uniform in size, shape, texture and colour, they are unified in quality and concept.

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